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Updated plans.

Your Flight QF416 has been cancelled, please call Qantas on 1300 659 116

Picture this,

You’ve been on hold with Qantas for 2 hours and your arm is getting tired. You can’t use the speaker phone because for some reason Qantas’ hold music is too soft to hear through it. You haven’t been sitting idle during this time, you have been frantically searching the web for alternate flights within the next 48 hours. You find flights on Expedia for Nov 1st and decide to book. Expedia refuses to let you pay for the tickets because the flight departs within 48 hours. You almost lose it for a moment.

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Industrial action.

As of 5pm today Qantas have grounded all flights until further notice in response to industrial action by some transport unions. With 36 hours remaining until my flight to Buenos Aires I honestly don’t know right now if I will be flying there on Monday morning.

I’m very glad right now that I planned to spend a week in Buenos Aries before my cruise. I decided to do this because of the issues with the Chile volcano ash cloud earlier in the year (which appears to still be a potential risk), that cancelled flights throughout both South America and Australia.

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Planning stages.

Planning for a trip to Antarctica is serious business. Especially since there are no gift shops on the continent and no turning back for another pair of socks. This has been exacerbated by the fact that I have just returned from two years living overseas (in the desert no less) and essentially have to start from scratch. One concern I have with this trip is that I hate being cold. I can think of nothing worse than being in the snow but feeling too cold and miserable to enjoy it. Therefore, I spared no expense ensuring that I have the right clothing for the job. It was also essential for me to have good camera gear with more than enough memory and charge because I intend to take an absurd amount of photos of icebergs and penguins and whatever else I find. Anther important consideration was sea sickness medication as the trip crosses notoriously rough waters and while I don’t normally get motion sickness, the only boat trip I have been on before crossed the Bass Strait so I won’t be risking it. Instead I visited my GP and politely asked for something that will definitely do the job if the need arises.

So here is a bit of a run down on what I’m taking with me,

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A new adventure to end 2011.

Even though my adventures in Saudi Arabia have come to an end that doesn’t mean that I’m back to the daily grind. Instead, I have been spending the past six weeks planning for my next big adventure, which I hope to be equally as extreme but not quite as lengthy as my last one. As the name states, this time I will be heading to the one place in the world I have always wanted to go, but never thought I’d make, Antarctica.

To begin with, I will give a little bit of a run down on how I am getting there for those who are interested.

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