Stacy in Antarctica

An adventure to the frozen continent

Industrial action.

As of 5pm today Qantas have grounded all flights until further notice in response to industrial action by some transport unions. With 36 hours remaining until my flight to Buenos Aires I honestly don’t know right now if I will be flying there on Monday morning.

I’m very glad right now that I planned to spend a week in Buenos Aries before my cruise. I decided to do this because of the issues with the Chile volcano ash cloud earlier in the year (which appears to still be a potential risk), that cancelled flights throughout both South America and Australia.

For now I have to wait and see what happens. I hope that some kind of resolution is made in the next 24 hours and flights are resumed on Monday. My other alternative is to book a flight through LAN, which are currently still available, and hope that my travel insurance covers the excess fees. I always buy travel insurance cover for my trip and so far I’ve never had to use it before. I hope this time will be the same. It’s a good reminder right now of why it’s a valuable investment.

So, fingers are crossed and I’m paying attention to the news. What I do know is that come rain or shine I’ll be in Buenos Aires by November 7th. There’s no alternative in my opinion. I’m just hoping that come Monday morning there is a plane waiting for me at Melbourne airport. Wish me luck.

Update (Oct 30): Still waiting to see if my flight has been cancelled. Hoping for that 5% chance that Qantas will be flying tomorrow. In the event it remains cancelled (highly likely), I have contacted my travel insurance provider and have been advised that all extra costs incurred toward re-booking my flights with another carrier will be refunded, along with any other cancellation fees such as accommodation. This is a huge relief. I have found flights with Virgin/Aerolineas for Nov 1st that are reasonably priced but unfortunately add an extra 8 hours travel time each way. That said, I’ll travel with Qatar Airways via Doha (for 35 hours) to get there if I have to.


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