Stacy in Antarctica

An adventure to the frozen continent

Nov 5th – Helado

It is 9pm on a Saturday night in Buenos Aires and I am thinking about heading to bed. I didn’t accomplish much as far as “taking in the city” is concerned but I did make an effort to wash some clothes in my terribly inefficient washing machine/bath tub. The locals would be thanking me tomorrow in the inevitable crush of the weekend markets if they knew. At least I won’t smell like an old sweaty shirt and dirty socks. Not for the first 30 minutes anyway.

My other task for today was to purchase and consume some of the local helado (gelato) that my guest house buddies have been raving on about. While that would only require me to walk to the end of the block, I decided to get side tracked and have a bit of a wander around the local neighbourhood. I spent around an hour window-shopping, bought a pretty hand-crafted necklace and found the dessert to end all desserts in a confitería. I decided to I will have to go back another time for it as there was no way I could do both helado and dulce de leche in the same day. I’d fall into a sugar-induced coma for a week after such an indulgence. I always wonder how it is that the countries with the best sweets also appear to have the leanest population. Probably something about self-control… maybe… hrm.

I finally made it back to the helado shop and settled on limón (lemon) and naranja (orange) flavours. My only problem was that the man serving me could not understand my pronunciation of naranja (or me of his) and he had to point out almost all of the items on the list before we finally settled on the right one.



“No, naranja”


One thing I have perfected over the past 2 years of travelling is the “don’t hate me, I’m just a silly tourist” look, followed by my “some points for trying right?” look, which seems to help incite some pity for my terrible language skills. I got to use it again later this evening when I went back downstairs to buy some empanadas for dinner (which I’d like to point out are totally undervalued in Australian cuisine). I also won some points at the end of the transaction for being Australian, that always seems to generate smiles from those around me.



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