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Nov 7th – Changing Rooms

The day that I was waiting for had finally come. Today I packed up my things and left Giorgio’s House for my new hotel, the Eurobuilding, located much closer to the city center near Lima station. I wheeled my already heavy suitcase over the broken sidewalk to the corner and hailed a taxi. It was only noon when I arrived at the hotel, three hours too early for check in, so I left my luggage with reception and walked down Avenida de Mayo to find lunch. I found a restaurant to sit down and eat and looked through the packed of information relating to my tour given to me by the hotel receptionist, while I ate a horrible interpretation of ravioli with bolognese sauce (really, really horrible).

I already knew my flight the next morning was at 4:30am but I hadn’t thought to extrapolate that information to the fact that I would require a hotel pick up at 2:30am. Just to add salt to the wound there was an additional flyer listing optional city tours one could request through the tour operator. Not exactly useful for a 12 hour stay in a hotel. Armed with this knowledge I decided that my evening’s entertainment would include a decent meal (to make up for the awful lunch choice) and an early bed.


After lunch I walked down to Congresso to take some photos. I’d passed it on the bus tour a few days earlier and wanted to visit the park on foot to get a better look. The plaza sits to the east of the National Congress building and is notable for its original cast of the statue The Thinker, by Auguste Rodin, and a small monument to the “Kilometer Zero”, the place by which all national roads are measured. In the plaza is also a flowering tree, which I found out to be the ceibo tree, its beautiful red blooms being the national flower of Argentina.


On my way back into the city center I heard intermittent explosions coming from down near the Plaza de Mayo. Disregarding all advice given to me by Smart Traveller, I headed towards the sound to see what was going on. As it turns out, another demonstration had formed on the Avenida de Mayo by what looked like a construction union. It seems the Argentinians have a penchant for protesting, possibly brought on by the presidential election that had occurred only two weeks earlier.


Bored with the goings on in the city I made my way back to my hotel, where I hung out for a few hours until dinner time. I found a nice restaurant nearby with an English translated menu. I wanted a decent meal before my two weeks at sea and wasn’t taking any chances this time with my limited Spanish vocabulary. I ordered the masala beef and a waldorf salad that was to die for. Definitely a good decision on my part to eat there. With a full belly I headed back to my room to get in at least three hours of sleep before my 1:30am wake up call.

Note: If you want to see more of the photos I took of Buenos Aires, visit my Buenos Aires Set on Flickr.


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